Industrial Cleaning

Happy, healthy, and productive employees.

Book My Maid offers special in-depth cleaning services for industrial units to provide clean and much better work environments for the employees by using eco-friendly products for every task. We will also purify the air by diffusing the essential oils that help in removing the bacteria and viruses from the air while adding a pleasant fragrance. Our services will include all of the following tasks:

  • Office cleaning, dusting and disinfecting
  • Use of only natural and eco-friendly products
  • Evaluate the air quality and purify it
  • Offer choices of Office Aromatherapy Treatments to cleanse and improve the work environment
  • Remove the bacteria and viruses
  • Combat musty air
  • Improve concentration
  • Essential oils in cleaning as a disinfectant.
  • Aromatic sachets, and scented flowers

We offer other unique finishes and surprises for the office staff to discover so; please contact us for an office evaluation and quote